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Protective Devices

Various protective devices exist for the automatic disconnection of the electrical supply in the event of a fault. These are listed below:

RCD - Residual Current Device
RCD is a generic name for electrical protective devices which incorporate the ability to monitor whether any earth leakage is occuring, and in the case of earth leakage to disconnect the supply in a pre-determined time.
There are typically two types of RCD in general useage today, these are listed below:

RCCB - (BS EN 61008)
RCCB devices are earth leakage circuit breaker devices without integral overcurrent protection.

RCBO - (BS EN 61009)
RCBO devices are earth leakage circuit breaker devices which incorporate overcurrent protection.

MCB - Miniature Circuit breaker (BS EN 60898)
MCB devices are circuit breaker devices which incorporate overcurrent protection. Many types exist, Type 1, Type 2, Type B, Type C, Type D etc, which exhibit different circuit breaking characteristics, and should be selected dependent upon the circuit duty requirements.

Rewireable Fuse - BS3036

Rewireable fuses, or 'Semi-Enclosed' fuses to BS3036 have various ratings up to 100A. Contrary to popular belief, BS3036 fuses have not been outlawed under the current wiring regulations, and many applications of these, whilst old, can still comply with the wiring regulations with minimal modifications to the existing installation.

Wylex BS3036 Fuseboard

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